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Business in Africa is flourishing. Demeter generates robust financial returns and transformative social impact by creating, operating and investing in businesses that are leaders in their fields.

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About Demeter Holdings

As Demeter was the Ancient Greek Goddess of agriculture and renewal, we at Demeter Holdings believe in Africa and its renewal. We are drivers and advocates for a small part of that renewal through the establishment of businesses that build prosperity inclusively, delivering profitability and transforming sectors at scale.

Demeter Holdings is a Holdings company headquartered in London with legal entities in the UK, Ghana and Sierra Leone, as well as operations in other African geographies. Demeter Holdings was incorporated in 2014, with its principals having operated in the region since 2008.

Mission & Values

Our Approach

The ideal of Demeter is to drive social and environmental impact through business. However, we recognise that impactful business ideas, though well intended do not always translate into good outcomes or strong balance sheets.

By understanding our markets and management of our locally defined contexts do we really expect to generate sustainable financial progress and growth. We imagine, prove and scale impact business cases driving them to the tops of their fields and thus delivering the greatest impact to their communities.

Our Team

Demeter’s team is made up of industry professionals with a deep knowledge of local markets, and backgrounds in Trading, Operations and Management Consulting. Demeter is Headquartered in London and has offices in Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Industries we invest in

Demeter Holdings group companies supply both goods and services to clients in West Africa and worldwide. Whilst we would look at anything that fits our mission and our mantra, we focus on sectors where we have an advantage.

Agricultural Sector

Our current portfolio includes holdings across the value chain, in primary agriculture, processing, agricultural inputs and agricultural trade. We will look at any investment in any part of the agricultural space.

Carbon Credits Space

Carbon credits represent an exciting opportunity to rebalance the financial inequity between rich, polluting countries, and poor, greener countries. Our flagship company in this sector is Oko Environmental Ltd, where we manage a world-class asset in Sierra Leone for its carbon credits by being early pioneers of assisted natural regeneration.

Services & Technology

We are particularly excited by the rapid growth of the technology sector internationally our flagship company in this industry is Aya Data Ltd (ADL), a data labelling and science company that now has almost 200 employees, customers all over the world, and is West Africa’s largest data labelling company.