Demeter invests in highly impactful businesses, that profoundly enhance the quality of life of their staff and communities.

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Our mission

We are driven by two core principles: social impact and profitability. We transform lives by creating flourishing communities through the investments we make, at scale. We do this sustainably, and profitably, by creating companies that are leaders in their fields.

Demeter Holdings: Sustainable Development

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.”

At Demeter the core of our entrepreneurial drive and action is impact. A drive to leave the world in better order than we found it, both socially and environmentally. The philosophical bedrock of Demeter is that we believe every action and decision that we make as a firm is a step in the right direction to be the change we seek and build a better world.

Profitable ventures are our method to deliver this mission. Profitable ventures create scale and sustainability by using the profit motive. We operate in geographies and sectors in emerging markets that are ripe with nascent opportunities for both great businesses and impact, building each venture around a specific social cause and market and SDG.

The SDGs we choose to focus on are tied to our capabilities and commercial strategy as a firm. We only start ventures in new sectors where we believe that we can make a profitable, sustainable solution that builds upon our already current capabilities in management, agriculture, customer service, talent management, and geographical operations to deliver truly great impact.

The SDGs we deliver are:


Poverty - All businesses

Of the sixteen SDGs as identified by the UN, we have an overarching focus on SDG1: No poverty. As a group, it is our vision to live in a world without poverty. This is why we focus on working in less economically developed countries, to harness the power of the market to unleash positive change at a scale which can transform millions of lives. We actually do this, day in and day out, through the daily operations of our businesses providing jobs, food, inputs, and opportunities.


Zero Hunger - Demeter Ghana

At Demeter Ghana Ltd, we are focused on creating a world without hunger. We work with all farmers in Ghana, from the smallest smallholder to the largest commercial company, to create better yields of better quality produce.  We generate better outcomes by providing the inputs that create the produce, be they goods (seeds, fertilisers, soil amendments) or services (soil testing, agronomic advice, product bundles). And we do this at scale, impacting over 100 000 farmers per year to produce more, better quality products, and helping markets work more efficiently for farmers. More information is available here


Decent Work and Economic Growth - Aya Data

At Aya Data, we operate a Good Jobs Strategy. This means we create superior value for customers by creating value, opportunities, and empowerment for employees. We believe that although talent is evenly distributed, opportunities are not, and the purpose of Aya is to deliver quality services at scale, by generating high-quality work, training opportunities, and value creation for employees. More information is available at

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption and Production - FraFra Baskets

At Frafra baskets, we source our baskets directly from over 20 different weaving communities across the Upper East Region of Ghana. In order to make sure the weavers get the fairest price throughout the year, we peg our pricing to the US Dollar. In addition, Frafra Baskets, have our own dedicated team of weavers in the town of Gambibigo. These weaves manufacture our made to order products. For this community, we invest directly in them. In 2022 Frafra baskets have; purchased wheelchairs for the elderly in the community, brought cushioned mats for weavers, and we are currently in negotiation about constructing a brand-new weaving centre. To know more about Frafra Baskets sourcing please visit us at

SDG 13

Climate Action - Oko Environmental

At Oko Environmental Holdings Ltd, our mandate is Climate Action. Oko’s core focus is the development, deployment and management of high-quality and high impact nature-based solutions carbon projects that tackle climate change head on. Whether by regrowing or safeguarding vast areas of West African indigenous woodland or managing harmful agricultural waste products, Oko’s carbon projects are designed to sequester millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere and boost diversity in local ecosystems. To find out more visit

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